omnivorous species
on-chip spiral inductors
on-demand therapy
on-demand treatment
on-line analysis
on-line concentration
on-line control
on-line coupling

on-line determination
on-line measurement
on-line monitoring
on-line parameter identification
on-line preconcentration
on-line solid-phase extraction
on-line survey
on-pump CABG
on-resin cyclization
on-site analyses

on-the-job learning
on-the-job training
on Terror
on the edge
on the Web
once-daily dosing
once-daily dosing regimen
once-daily injection
once-daily treatment
oncocytic cells

oncogene expression
oncogene homolog
oncogene mutation
oncogenic activity
oncogenic HPV types
oncogenic mutations
oncogenic pathways
oncogenic phenotype

oncogenic potential
oncogenic properties
oncogenic proteins
oncogenic Ras