L - L/L Genotype
La Mesure - Labeling Agent
Labeling Approach - Labor Migrants
Labor Pain - Laboratory Microcosms
Laboratory Model - Labour Force Participation
Labour Force Participation Rates - Lacks Sensitivity
Lacrimal Gland - Lacunar Infarction
Lactobacillus GG - Langmuir Equation
Lacunar Stroke - Level Fluctuations
Lakes - Land Acquisition
Land - Language Contexts
Land Application - Cover Types
Langmuir Isotherm - Late Carboniferous
Language Courses - Language Teaching
Language Testing - Laparoscopy
Laparotomy - Large Changes
Large - Larger Improvements
Large Channels - Large Domain
Large Doses - Large Individual Variation
Large Individuals - Large Peptides
Large Percentage - Large Segments
Large Sensitivity - Large Unit Cell
Large University - Scale Trials
Larger Increase - Larger Species
Larger Specific Surface Area - Largest Range
Largest Reduction - Larval Supply
Larval Survival - Laser Doppler Velocimetry
Laser Ablation - Laser Lithotripsy
Laser Microdissection - Scanning Microscopy
Lasers Used - Last Stage
Last Step - Late Deaths
Late Cretaceous - Lawesson's Reagent
Late Development - Late Slow Wave
Late Spring - Latent Membrane
Latent Membrane Protein - Lateral Head
Lateral Heterogeneity - Lateral Spread
Lateral Spreading - Latitudinal Range Extent
Latitudinal Trend - Lattice Dynamics
Lattice Energy - Lay Persons
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory - Leptin Deficiency
Lay Public - Laying Date
Laying Eggs - Leadership Effectiveness
LC/MS/MS Analysis - LH Secretion
Leadership Experiences - Leaf Development
Leaf Discs - Leaf Roll Virus
Leaf Rust - Lean Mice
Lean Patients - Learning Mechanisms
Learning Method - Least Equivalent
Least Fourfold - Leather Industries
Leave - Left Hand
Left Hemisphere - Left Ventricular Systolic Function

Left Ventricular Volume - Legal Control
Legal Culture - Legal Regulation
Legal Requirements - Time Physical Activity
Lemming Cycles - Lens Power
Lens Protein - Lesion Characteristics
Les - Library Databases
Lesion Clinics - Lesser Number
Lesser Role - Leucocytes
Leucocytoclastic Vasculitis - Leukopenia
Leukoplakia - Level Processes
Level Profiles - Levonorgestrel Intrauterine System
Levonorgestrel - Library Screening
LH Surge - LPS Administration
Library Search - Life Cycle Cost
Licensing Agency - Liouville Equation
Life - Lifetime Number
Life Cycle Inventory - Life Settings
Life Similar - Threatening Complication
Lifetime Predictions - Ligand Structure
Ligand Substitution - Light Emission
Light Emitters - Light Reflex
Light Regimes - Lignan Glycosides
Lignans - Likely Cause
Likely Changes - Limb Ischaemia
Limb Ischemia - Limited Acceptance
Limited Access - Limited Impact
Limited Improvements - Limited Validity
Limited Value - Line Of Action
Line Pattern - Linear Calibration
Linear Calibration Curve - Linear Gradient
Linear Gradient Elution - Linear Programming Problem
Linear Quadratic Gaussian - Lines
Lines LNCaP - Link Failure
Link Functions - Lip And Palate
Lip Cancer - Lipid Lowering Medications
Lipase Inhibition - Local Group
Lipid Lowering Therapy - Modifying Therapy
Lipidomic Analyses - Liquid
Liquid CO2 - Liquid Drop
Liquid Droplets - Liquid Separation
Liquid Silicone - Literacy Instruction
Literacy Levels - Lithium Acetate
Lithium Administration - Litter Quality
Litter Removal - Little Evaluation
Little Evidence - Little Training
Little Understanding - Lively Debate
Liver - Liver Failure
Liver Failure Patients - Liver Perfusion
Liver Pool - Liver Volume
Liver Waiting List - Load Sharing
Load Shedding - Lobe
Lobe LDLT - Local Area Network
Local Aromaticity - Local Economic Development

Local Economy - Local Hyperthermia
Local Health Authority - Los Angeles County
Local Identities - Local Neighbourhood
Local Networks - Local Relief
Local Requirements - Local Topography
Local Traditions - Location Parameter
Location Patterns - Log P Values
Log Po/w - Logistic
Logistic Analysis - Long De
Long - Longer Ones
Long - Term Clinical Efficacy
Long - Term Goals
Long - Term Patency Rates
Long - Term Synaptic Plasticity
Long Debate - Long Standing
Long Survival - Range Effects
Longer Operative Time - Longitudinal Component
Longitudinal Course - Longitudinal Setting
Longitudinal Smooth Muscle - Loss Characteristic
Los Angeles Classification - Lyapunov Equations
Loss Decreased - C
Low - Lower Km
Low - Lying Electronic States
Low Cell Numbers - Low Energy Barrier
Low Energy Levels - Low Irradiance
Low IQ - Low Cell Density
Low Latitudes - Low Performance
Low Performers - Low Salinity
Low Salinity Waters - Low Unemployment
Low Usage - Dose Group
Lower Cognitive Performance - Lower Extremity Surgery
Lower Extremity Wounds - Lower Mass
Lower L - Lower Cholesterol
Lower Mean - Lower Proportion
Lower Quadrant - Lower Stability
Lower Stage - Lowering Effect
Lowering Effects - Lowland Tropical Rain Forests
Lowlands - Luminal Stenosis
LPS Challenge - LV Dimensions
Luminal Surface - Lung Cancer Mortality
Lung Cancer Patients - Lung Neoplasms
Lung Parenchyma - Lyase
LV Dysfunction - Lactobacillus
Lyapunov Exponents - La Manière Dont
Lyase Activity - Lymphoblastic Leukaemia
Lymphoblastic Leukemia - Lymphoid Markers
Lymphoid Neoplasms - Lysosomal Storage
Lysosomal Storage Disease - Lässt Sich