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Commentary: The Politics of Trauma and Asylum: Universals and Their Effects

ETHOS, Issue 3 2007
Liisa Malkki
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Warm Laser Shock Peening Driven Nanostructures and Their Effects on Fatigue Performance in Aluminum Alloy 6160,

Chang Ye
Warm laser shock peening is an innovative manufacturing process that integrates laser shock peening and dynamic aging to improve materials' fatigue performance. Compared to traditional laser shock peening (LSP), warm laser shock peening (WLSP) , i.e., LSP at elevated temperatures , provides better performance in many aspects. WLSP can induce nanoscale precipitation and high density dislocation arrangement, resulting in higher surface strength and lower surface roughness than LSP, which are both beneficial for fatigue life improvement. Due to pinning of the dislocation structure by nanoscale precipitates , so-called dislocation pinning effects , the relaxation of residual stress and surfaces dislocation arrangement is significantly reduced. In this study, AA6061 alloy is used to evaluate the WLSP process. It is found that the fatigue life improvements after WLSP are not only caused by large compressive residual stress and high density dislocations but also by the higher stability of the residual stresses and surface strength during cyclic loading. [source]

Determinants of executive compensation in privately held firms

Jesper Banghøj
M52; Compensation and Compensation Methods and Their Effects Abstract We examine what determines executive compensation in privately held firms. Our study is motivated by the fact that most studies in this area rely on data from publicly traded firms. Further, the few studies that are based on data from privately held firms only examine a limited number of determinants of executive compensation. Our findings indicate that the pay-to-performance relation is weak. Board size and ownership concentration are the only corporate governance characteristics that explain variations in executive compensation. Executive characteristics like skills, title and educational attainment all explain variations in executive compensation. Contrary to our expectations, we do not find a stronger pay-to-performance relation in firms with better designed bonus plans. [source]

Metal/Ceramic Interface Properties and Their Effects on SOFC Development

FUEL CELLS, Issue 6 2009
F. Tietz
Abstract Development of solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) involves multidisciplinary research, which needs input from many directions. As an example, this contribution describes the influence of basic metallurgical experiments on the selection or the modification of specific materials used in SOFCs. Wettability studies, although typically regarded as model experiments, give clear indications of the combinations of materials, which show better compatibility and might be more successfully integrated in SOFC designs, especially when metal/ceramic interfaces are involved. Various material combinations, i.e. anode cermets, glass/steel and ceramic/silver/steel compounds, are discussed in more detail showing the impact of fundamental studies on the SOFC development actually applied. This work gives a short overview on the basic aspects of selected material combinations. [source]

Advantages of Different Tillage Systems and Their Effects on the Economically Important Pests, Thrips tabaci Lind. and Aphis gossypii Glov. in Cotton Fields

I. Gencsoylu
Abstract An experiment to assess advantages of different tillage and their effects on Aphis gossypii Glov. and Thrips tabaci Lind was conducted during the 2000 and 2001 cotton growing seasons in cotton fields at Adnan Menderes University, Agricultural Faculty Research Center, located in Ayd,n Province, Turkey. The tillage systems examined were conventional, strip, precision and ridge tillage. Two insect population densities were not affected by the type of tillage systems during either year. However, significant differences in populations were observed in thrips populations on 31 May 2000 and 18 May 2001 and aphid populations on 24 May 2000 and 11 May 2001. The results show that the highest yield was observed in all conservation tillage systems in 2000 and ridge tillage system in 2001. Early maturity was higher in both precision and ridge tillage systems. In addition, tillage systems did not affect fibre properties. As a result, the application of conservation tillage is more advantageous in cotton in respect of early maturity and total yield. [source]

Heat-moisture Treatments of Cowpea Flour and Their Effects on Phytase Inactivation

Nicole S. Affrifah
ABSTRACT: Samples of finely ground cowpea flour with moisture content adjusted to 10%, 25%, 35% (dry basis) were heated in sealed retort pouches at 70 to 95°C for periods of 2 to 32 min. Phytase showed a high thermal resistance with residual activity ranging between 50% and 95%. Thermal inactivation of cowpea phytase was adequately described by a fractional conversion model based on a 1st-order rate equation. Overall, increasing temperature and initial moisture content resulted in increased enzyme inactivation. Estimated activation energies between 70 and 95°C were 33.3, 37.9, and 43.4 kJ/mol at 10%, 25%, and 35% moisture, respectively. The kinetic models generated were successfully used to predict phytase activity in cowpea flour. [source]

Housing Price Volatility Changes and Their Effects

Walter Dolde
We examine significant volatility shifts in regional housing price changes, adapting a method of Haugen, Talmor and Torous (1991) independent of predefined sampling blocks. We identify 36 volatility events, most of which are purely regional, but three of which are national. We find significant associations of volatility events and economic conditions, especially national and regional income growth, inflation, and interest rates. During an initial adjustment period after a volatility shift, realized housing returns move opposite to volatility. We find evidence of significant interregional diffusion of volatility increases, but not of decreases. New insights on links between economic conditions and housing volatility and returns should be of value to household investors and mortgage investors. [source]

Synthesis of Selenolo[2,3-b]quinoline-2-carboxylic Ethyl Esters (III): Cytogenetic Studies on Human Peripheral Blood Leucocyte Cultures, and Antibacterial Studies, and Antifungal Studies of Their Effects.

CHEMINFORM, Issue 46 2005
V. Nithyadevi
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Chemical Characterization of New Oxylipins from Cestrum parqui, and Their Effects on Seed Germination and Early Seedling Growth

Antonio Fiorentino
Abstract Isolation, chemical characterization, and phytotoxicity of five new oxylipins, together with seven already known related compounds, from Cestrum parqui L',Hérl. is reported. All the structures were elucidated on the basis of their spectral data, especially 1D- (1H- and 13C-NMR, DEPT) and 2D-NMR (COSY, TOCSY, HSQC, HMBC, and NOESY). The configurations of the stereogenic C-atoms were determined by the Mosher's method. The compounds have been assayed for their phytotoxicity on Lactuca sativa at concentrations ranging between 10,4 and 10,8,M. The results of the phytotoxicity tests on the germination and growth of the test species, obtained by a cluster analysis, showed interesting relationship between the chemical structures of the compounds and their biological effects. [source]