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,Selbstgefühl, Todesschicksal', and the end of ,Parteidichtung': Herybert Menzel's Anders kehren wir wieder (1943)

Martin Travers
The ,Parteidichtung' published in the Third Reich is commonly viewed as formally rigid and thematically trite political propaganda. Such a judgement accurately describes the work produced by poets such as Heinrich Anacker, Baldur von Schirach and Hans Baumann, a group of writers known as the ,Junge Mannschaft'. Theirs was a functional poetry, written to be narrated, sung, or chanted on private and public occasions, with the aim of mobilising readers and performers alike in the direction of the ,national revolution' and, later, in support for Germany's efforts in the Second World War. Viewed within this context, Herybert Menzel's volume of poetry, Anders kehren wir wieder (1943), is a remarkable achievement: written by one of the leading voices within the ,Junge Mannschaft', this is a book that speaks not of self-confident bravura and unshakeable faith in the mission of National Socialist Germany, but of personal loss, doubt, and of the travails and insecurities brought about by war, sentiments made even more effective by being framed in the near-Expressionist style used by the author. The very existence of Menzel's Anders kehren wir wieder seems to suggest that even within the genre of officially sanctioned National Socialist literature important idiosyncratic voices could be heard. [source]

Stem cells and diabetes treatment,

APMIS, Issue 11-12 2005
Diabetes mellitus types 1 and 2 are characterized by absolute versus relative lack of insulin-producing , cells, respectively. Reconstitution of a functional ,-cell mass by cell therapy , using organ donor islets of Langerhans , has been demonstrated to restore euglycaemia in the absence of insulin treatment. This remarkable achievement has stimulated the search for appropriate stem cell sources from which adequate expansion and maturation of therapeutic , cells can be achieved. This recent activity is reviewed and presented with particular focus on directed differentiation from pluripotent embryonic stem cells (versus other stem/progenitor cell sources) based on knowledge from pancreatic ,-cell development and the parallel approach to controlling endogenous ,-cell neogenesis. [source]

Joseph Kinmont Hart and Vanderbilt University: Academic Freedom and the Rise and Fall of a Department of Education, 1930,1934

Deron R. Boyles
No one can follow the history of academic freedom, without wondering at the fact that any society, interested in the immediate goals of solidarity and self-preservation, should possess the vision to subsidize free criticism and inquiry, and without feeling that the academic freedom we still possess is one of the remarkable achievements of man. At the same time,one cannot but be disheartened by the cowardice and self-deception that frail men use who want to be both safe and free.1 [source]

R&D activities of silicon-based thin-film solar cells in China

Yuwen Zhao
Abstract The status and progress of R&D activities of silicon-based thin-film solar cells in China are described briefly in this paper, including amorphous Si solar cells and microcrystalline Si film solar cells based on PECVD technology and polycrystalline film solar cells based on RTCVD technology. Especially, the microcrystalline thin-film solar cells and the tandem solar cells of amorphous Si with microcrystalline Si have made great progress. The polycrystalline film solar cells have made remarkable achievements as well. (© 2006 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim) [source]